Aluminium Work Platforms Australia – Safe and Reliable

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Aliweld manufacture a wide range of Aluminium Access equipment including Aluminium Platforms.

Aluminium Work Platforms are an integral part of the custom-designed and manufactured aluminium fabrications produced by Aliweld for the High Voltage Power Generation and Transmission suppliers nationally. Aluminium Platforms allow power workers to access, inspect and replace critical components in electrical substations that transmit power from generators to the grid.

Aluminium work platforms are crucial components of Aliweld Power’s custom-designed and manufactured aluminium fabrications. They serve the water supply and filtration sectors, as well as sewerage and water reticulation services nationwide. These platforms enable water distribution systems and council workers to access hard-to-reach equipment and control systems efficiently.

In the Australian mining industry, Aliweld’s aluminium platforms are essential, offering durable and lightweight solutions tailored to the sector’s specific needs.

The Australian aviation industry also relies on Aliweld’s aluminium work platforms. These platforms facilitate passenger access to mid-size aircraft and provide sturdy, corrosion-resistant surfaces for aircraft engine maintenance and repair, combining lightweight design with structural strength.

For further information about custom-made / purpose-designed Aluminium handrails please contact us on 07 32652165.

When looking at aluminium work platforms in Australia, STAR’s gear is top-notch for safety and trustworthiness. They make elevated work platforms from 6061T6 Aluminium. These meet Australian standards and carry up to 200kg. This makes them perfect for construction and maintenance work.

STAR is known for high-performing industrial aluminium platforms. Their products are easy to set up and known for being light yet strong. They meet strict safety and engineering standards, important for the field.

AliWeld Power is a top maker of custom aluminium work platforms. They focus on providing solutions geared specifically to your needs. This highlights their big role in Australia’s aluminium scaffolding systems market. They ensure efficiency and safety in all industrial operations.

Introduction to Aluminium Work Platforms

Aluminium work platforms are essential in construction, maintenance, and power generation. They are durable and meet Australian safety standards.

AliWeld Power has changed the game with strong aluminium access platforms. These include adjustable work platforms for various industries. They can be easily adjusted in height, which makes them versatile and ergonomic.

The platforms are made with lightweight access equipment, so they’re simple to move and set up. They’re light but still strong and dependable. Thanks to all aluminium welding, they’re very stable and last a long time.

AliWeld Power provides platform accessories like guardrails, toeboards, and castor wheels. These add-ons make the platforms more versatile for different jobs. Customising platforms helps companies work more efficiently.

These adjustable height platform solutions help professionals meet their needs. With these reliable and adjustable aluminium platforms, safety and productivity are ensured.

Advantages of Using Aluminium Scaffolding Systems

Aluminium scaffolding has many benefits, making it a top choice for many industries. It boosts work efficiency and safety.

Lightweight and Durable

Aluminium scaffolding is both light and strong. This makes it easy to move and put together. It’s great for jobs needing quick setup and take-down. Aluminium’s durability also means it lasts long, even under tough use.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium scaffolding doesn’t get rusty. This makes it perfect for different weather across Australia. It lasts longer than steel, especially in scaffolding towers.

High Load Capacity

Although lightweight, aluminium scaffolding can hold a lot of weight. It’s perfect for big jobs in construction and maintenance. Our scaffolding towers can carry heavy weights, proving they’re safe and reliable.

AliWeld Power offers top-quality aluminium platforms. Our products can handle heavy loads and meet tough safety standards. They’re ideal for tasks in high-voltage power generation and transmission.

AliWeld Power: Your Trusted Aluminium Work Platform Supplier

At AliWeld Power, we are proud to be top aluminium work platforms suppliers in Australia. We serve various industries with specific needs.

Expertise in High Voltage Power Generation and Transmission

High voltage power generation and transmission sectors need precision and dependability. We stand out as High Voltage Power Generation and Transmission suppliers in Australia. Our aluminium access equipment meets strict safety and performance standards.

We use our vast industry experience to offer dependable industrial platform solutions. They are designed for unique operational challenges.

Contact Information

For custom solutions and professional advice, get in touch with the experts at AliWeld Power. Call us at 07 32652165 or send an email to We’re committed to making sure your aluminium work platforms exceed your expectations. We focus on delivering maximum safety and efficiency.

Custom Solutions for Industrial Work Platforms

AliWeld Power excels in creating unique aluminium work platform solutions. We focus on the distinct needs of different industries. Our custom aluminium platforms are crafted with accuracy. This boosts both safety and work efficiency.

Design and Engineering

Our team is skilled in making high-quality mobile scaffolding systems and aerial work platforms. We use the latest technology and innovative designs. This ensures our products are strong and easy to use.

We pay close attention to every detail. So, each platform perfectly suits our clients’ needs, for either maintenance or hire purposes.

Manufacturing Excellence

Quality manufacturing is key to what we do. We build all our aluminium platforms to last, even in tough conditions. AliWeld Power is known for providing top-notch platforms across Australia. Professionals trust us for solutions that are both reliable and strong.

We offer everything from custom platforms to mobile scaffolding systems. Our products set high safety and sustainability standards. Choosing AliWeld Power means your team gets the best platforms to work with.

Service Areas

Aliweld is proud to offer our custom-designed and manufactured aluminium work platforms across all major regions of Australia. Our service areas include:

Queensland (QLD)

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Cairns
  • Townsville

New South Wales (NSW)

  • Sydney
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong

Victoria (VIC)

  • Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Ballarat

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • Canberra

South Australia (SA)

  • Adelaide

Western Australia (WA)

  • Perth

Northern Territory (NT)

  • Darwin

Aliweld is committed to providing high-quality, reliable aluminium work platforms to meet the needs of various industries across these regions. Whether you are in construction, maintenance, aviation, mining, or water services, we are here to support your operations with top-notch solutions.


Q: What makes STAR’s aluminium work platforms stand out from other brands?

A: STAR’s aluminium work platforms boast excellence, safety, reliability, and efficiency. They are made from 6061T6 Aluminium, meeting Australian standards. With a 200kg heavy-duty rating, they are a top choice in construction and maintenance.

Q: Are the aluminium scaffolding systems suitable for high voltage power generation and transmission?

A: Yes, the aluminium scaffolding systems by AliWeld Power are designed for the high voltage sectors. They offer unrivaled safety and reliability.

Q: What are the benefits of using lightweight aluminium platforms?

A: Lightweight aluminium platforms make handling easier and reduce injury risk. Plus, they are durable and resist corrosion. These features allow them to support heavy loads across various industries.

Q: Can I get custom aluminium work platforms from AliWeld Power?

A: Definitely. AliWeld Power excels in making custom aluminium platforms for different industry needs. They focus on boosting safety and efficiency in operations.

Q: What are adjustable height platforms, and how do they benefit my operation?

A: Adjustable height platforms let you change the height for various tasks, increasing safety and flexibility. They are very useful in settings that require working at different heights.

Q: How can I get in touch with AliWeld Power for inquiries or custom orders?

A: Contact AliWeld Power by calling 07 32652165 or emailing Their team will help with your questions and custom platform needs.

Q: What are the key advantages of using aluminium scaffolding systems?

A: Aluminium scaffolding systems are light, strong, and resist rust, which makes handling easy. They are perfect for tough industrial use thanks to their durability and high load capacity.

Q: Do AliWeld Power’s platforms comply with Australian safety standards?

A: Yes, AliWeld Power’s platforms meet Australian safety standards. This ensures the highest safety and performance for users.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for aluminium work platforms?

A: Aluminium platforms need little maintenance because they don’t rust. Keeping them clean and lubricating moving parts will make them last longer and perform better.

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